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  • India's film industry is the largest in the World.
  • Movies direct contribution is Rs.4500 crores (Sourse FICCI-E&Y Report, 2004)
  • Around 12900 cinema halls in the country
  • About 8 million movie viewers visit cinema halls every day.
  • Roughly a weekly entry of about 55 million / 2870 million per year (Source CII-KPMG Report).
  • More than 1000 films are produced in as many as 30 languages.
  • 1200 films were released in the year 2002 (Source CII-KPMG Report).
  • The Indian entertainment industry, which is currently estimated at Rs.222 billion, is expected to grow at 18 percent per annum to reach a huge figure of Rs.588 billion by 2010.
  • The Indian film industry is projected to grow to Rs.143 billion by 2010 from Rs.59 billion powered by increasing discipline and rising efficiency levels and penetration into hitherto uncharted overseas markets. (Source : CII-KPMG Report).
  • It provides employment to 2.5 million experienced workforces.
  • Yet, strangely enough this industry had not been open to public till the year 1989 and share its profits with the investing public.

The Saga of GV Films Ltd:

That's when the legendary G.Venkateswaran pioneered the Film industry by opening it to the public for the first time in Asia.

The issue was oversubscribed by 7.8 times with over 30,000 investors from the Public.

GV, a man of many Firsts, with the background of having successfully distributed over 600 films further took GV Films to dizzy heights.

The many Firsts:

  • India's First listed Public Limited Company from the media Industry
  • First to export Tamil films to Japan and later to the other non-traditional, South East Asian markets like Korea.
  • The first to bring DTS to a theatre of an A class town in Tamilnadu.
  • With foresight, acquired Internet rights for over 6000 films way back in 1999-2000 for web casting that constitute valuable intellectual property rights.

In tandem with Mani Ratnam, one of the finest directors in the country, GV Films presented a rich fare films, each one a block-buster and award winner. " Mounaa Ragam", "Agni Natchathiram", "Nayagan", "Thalapathi", "Anjali", "Indira", "Tamizhan", "Chokkathangam", " Ullam Ketkume."

GV Films regrouped with a brand new team of professionals, with rich experience and varied background, who has core competencies in niche areas, GV Films is all poised for a great take off.

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